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As an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation we are an infinitely creative being as with an unlimited creativity. We are capable of creating whatever experience we desire. For whatever reason we have chosen to have the physical experience as a human being at this time and this place. As such, there are three types of experiences that we are capable of having. There are those we incarnated to have, there are those we have simply because we are a human being, and there are those that we think we need to have. Although all three arise as a result of being human, each arise from a different influence and each is influenced, if not controlled by, what we think and believe.

The experiences related to the intention for our life: The intention for our life acts as an undercurrent in our life pulling and pushing us toward the particular experiences we incarnated to have. Some have only an intention for general experiences. Other incarnated to do specific types and kinds of thing and often with specific individuals. Whatever the case may be, there is a satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment we have when we have these experiences and a feeling of separation when we miss them or fail to achieve them in our life. However, if we are not open to feeling, we feel lucky in life when we have these experiences and when we miss these experiences there is a general feeling there is something more to live that what we are experiencing. These experience tend to be specific objectives we try and achieve in life or with our life not necessarily with our consciousness awareness. Intervention by another in our life with some how profound shift in our life to a more fulfilling and satisfying life tend to be such experiences.

The experiences that are a result of being human: Because we are a human being, we have many experiences which arise from the human collective and what it means to be human in the time and the place in which we find ourselves. These experience are very generic types experiences. Going to the store, sitting in traffic, a teacher in a classroom, a policeman stopping a motorist for a traffic violation, and a myriad of other experience are experiences simply because we are a human being. Any store clerk, traffic on any give spot of road, any teacher, any policeman, are individuals simply giving us an experience of what it means to be a human being. Although the kind of experience we have and exactly what transpires in that experience may be is determined by how and what we think and believe. Nevertheless the basic experience is just filing in what it means to be a human being.

The experiences we think we need to have: The experiences we think we need to have are whole set of experiences related to how and what we have been programmed and encuturated to be in he world. These experiences are not required by the intention for our life. Nor are these experiences necessarily related to being a human being. We have them simply because we thing we need to have as a result of how we have come to think and to believe. For example, it may be a human experience to believe in some type and kind of God and/or supernatural force controlling Creation. However, how we come to believe in God and worship that God is more often than not based on the programming and enculturation we have received in life. Similarly, being a human being is to have the experience of communicating through language. What language we speak and use is based on our programming and enculturation All of our social customs fall into this area. In fact, it can probably be said any experience that is not common or could be common, across all cultures is probably programming and enculturation. For example, fishing is common across cultures that have access to fish. However, how that fish is prepared and eaten tends to be programming and enculturation.

Because of our programming and enculturate, there are ways we think, believe and respond to the world based simply upon the world in which we grew up. In fact, there is much more programming and enculturation than we realize. We have these experiences because we think we need to have them. But, if we change how and what we think and believe, a whole new set of experiences arise to be had and a whole set drop away. The recommendation here is to look to a way of thinking and believe which serves you and help you to create a life worth living. Living in a way that honors our creativity and holds our creativity sacred goes a long way in releasing ourselves from experiences we think we need to

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