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Most of us take for granted we know what health is and what it means to be healthy. But what is it really? Do we really know what it means for us as a unique individual? Can our individual health be different that what is defined as healthy by our society?

Health, as defined in the dictionary, refers to the general condition of the mind or the body. To be healthy refers to the soundness of a living organism. It is to have vigor of the mind and body and to be free from defect or disease. The question is what exactly does this mean for any given individual for there are actually at least three definitions of health. There is definition that is generally accepted by our society as to what it means to be healthy. Then there is the definition that we use for ourselves. Then there is the definition the particular physician we go to would use to determine if we are healthy. Of course, this particular physician’s definition may or may not correspond to the definition the medical profession would use.

Also, it does need to be noted that health encompasses more that just physical health. There is also mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. This of course raises the questions as to what does it mean to be mentally healthy, emotionally healthy and spiritually health. Additionally, since this work is about creativity, it can be asked if we are creatively healthy and we are capable of holding our creativity sacred. Or do we routinely give of creative power away and/or deny the creative ability and creative power we have.

This discussion does not attempt to define what health is nor does it try and tell anyone what criteria we should use to determined if we are healthy in any particular level of our being. Rather, it provides some questions for us to explore to being to look at what health means for us. Of course, we can consult our medical practitioner and other appropriate individuals in our life to see what they would suggest as the criteria we use to determine if we are health.

If one compares their answers to the questions below to the answers provided by others, they will probably quickly come to see there are degrees to health. Or, alternatively said, health can be seen to lie on a spectrum. At one end is total disfunction. At the other end is total functionality. The more we are close to total functionality whatever that means, the greater the condition of our health. Similarly, the closer we move toward total disfunction, the less our condition of health.

But, if we look carefully at the variation that is possible between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, our condition of health is probably best seen as a four string instrument which needs each string to be tuned. As in a four string instrument, if one string is out of tune the instrument is out of tune and most probably all the melodies played on that instrument. The other strings can be in perfect tune. But if one string is our of tune the performance of the whole instrument is affected. This is much the way our health works.

In looking at a human being as a four stringed instrument, there is a spiritual, mental physical and emotional string. Each of these strings must be properly tuned. As one begins to understand the mind body relationship, the health of each aspect of our being becomes important. We can have perfect physical health but with an unhealthy spiritual and/or emotional outlook, we will not have the vigor to engage life. Similarly, if we do not have our emotions backing the life we are choosing to live with our mind, we will lack the vigor and passion to act.

It necessary to understand to have health, we need to finance health. That is, we need to direct as sufficient portion of our creative life energy into creating health at each and every level of our being. We need to look at our true needs so as to create a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health within our being.

But what creates health for us as a unique creation? There is a unique answer to this question and only we can give that answer. The suggested criteria here is that what is healthy for us is what allows for a blossoming of our being at each and every level of our being and it is best achieved by aligning with, and living, the intention for our life for after all, it is what brought us into life and gives us life. It will supply all the energy and health we need to have the experiences we incarnated to have and provide us with a fulfillment and satisfaction with the life we live.

Some questions on or about health

The following question about health or related to health are provided to get the reader thinking about "What exactly does health mean for me?"

What does it mean for me to be healthy?

What does soundness of mind mean?

What does soundness of body mean?

What does it mean to be emotionally healthy?

What does it mean to be spiritually healthy?

What does it mean to have vigor of mind?

What does it mean to have vigor of body?

What does it mean to be free of defect?

What does it mean to be free of disease?

How much defect, if any, can we have before we are no longer healthy?

Are there conditions some would call unhealthy conditions where as others see it as an asset?

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