All body experiences are not from the same cause


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We live in a cause effect  world. Any experience we have is the result of some cause. Relative to what we experience in the body, some body experiences which appear to be the same are not from the same cause. Unless we pull the string as to the true cause of what we experience, we will not get to the root cause of any experience we have including the cause of our lack of health.

Some body parts/organs do not have pain sensors. As such, we do not feel pain in those parts. For example the heart or the brain. Problems in these parts are expressed elsewhere in the body rather than at the actual location of the organ. For example, for men, some heart problems are experienced in the left arm. Yet all pains in the left arm are not a result of heart problems. Part of what needs to be done is to become observant as to where and where the pain arises. We also needs to become aware of how the pain feels and look to see the subtle differences in the pain.

Of course, if one is faced with excruciating pain, we will not be able to think about the origins of the pain until we can somehow mitigate the pain. Here the issue is to mitigate the pain and then forget about look to explore the root cause of the pain. Often what happens is when the excruciating pain is relieved because of how we mitigate it, we think we address the cause of our pain when we have only really mitigate the experience of the pain.

Additionally, all pains in the same area do not feel the same. We can observe the difference in type and kind of pain we feel. Even when we appear to know where our pain arises we need to look beyond the apparent cause to see if there is not something deeper. For example, if we believe the mind body connection and we strain our back lifting a box we are normally capable of lifting, we need to look at what else may be going on in our life. The question is, "Are we angry, tense or in some way disturbed such that we do not finance a health experience but an experience of pain and injury. Similarly, if we have surgery or some other physical action to create a body condition to relieve our pain does not mean we necessarily addressed the root cause of the condition we experience. We may still need to do some energetic work to ensure the root cause us eliminated.

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