The need to understand the origins of our pain


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All the pains we have and all the feelings we have are not the same. There are differences in every pain and every feeling we experience. What needs to be understood is that pain is a feeling and there is an awareness in feeling which we can access if we so choose to do so. In learning to discern the subtle differences in what we feel, including our pain, and look to see what is occurring in our life when we have the feeling/pain that we have, we can being to see the origins of our pain.

If we look at our pain, we can being to see three kinds of pain. There is the pain of being physical, the pain we cause ourselves or inflict upon in how we live our life and the pain of participating in a shared creation. Each of these three pains are felt in the body. Each type of pain arises from something different. Yet, each is ultimately caused by the choices we make. But the choice we make occurs at a much different level of our being.

An example of these three kind of pain are of an experience of a young boy on a baseball team. When he entered a baseball game as a catcher he had two pains which we was facing. The first was a pain in his ankles which the doctor diagnosed as simply the stretching of his Achilles heal and was a natural part of the growth process. The second pain he faced was during school earlier in the day he became anger and ended up sticking himself with a pencil which caused a puncture wound which necessitated the visit to the doctors. Then during the game he got hit in the head with a foul tip baseball playing catcher.

Here in this example we have all three kinds of pain present at once. There is the pain of being a human being in Physical Creation. It is a pain which arise as pain does of being stretched past or beyond the limits and boundaries of our being as it currently is. If we need to grow and try and hold onto the past or delay our growth in any way such that we do not move past our past limits, we will experience pain. Pain is warning that something is being stretched or has been stretched past it limits in one way or another. This is neither good nor bad, just a warning. What we do with the warning is another issue.

At first glance, there isnít much we can do about these pains of being physical. However, everyone does not have such pain. These pain arise because of ways we have been unable to live our in alignment with our truth. The pain can be interpreted as simply processing the energy we did not allow to freely flow into the creation we were experiencing. That is, we some how thwarted the free flow of energy giving rise to the experience we were have for whatever reason we may have. We, at some level of our being, for one reason or another, are holding onto something which must be released or which we need to move past. Because the energy was not free to flow to dissipation in the experience, it made itself present in another form. If we fully lived our truth, we would be free to dissipate the energy of the experience and would have no need for the experience of pain to dissipate the bound energy.

The second type of pain is the pain we inflict on ourselves. Here we live in a way that we directly or indirectly cause ourselves pain by how we are thinking and believe and/or choosing to respond to life. In some ways we could say we are living our lives sloppily and in carelessness and unawareness. To avoid this type and kind of pain we need to become mindful and aware of what we feel and what is occurring in our life to give rise to the feeling we have. If we feel anger and we are sufficiently mindful and aware that we feeling anger we can direct it in a way that constructive as opposed to destructive.

The third category of pain reflected in getting hit in the head with a foul ball while playing the position as catcher in a baseball game is representative of the pain we experience because we have elected to participate in activities with others. These pains are not a result of being human. Rather they arise because of our social interactions. The pain caused by a devastating hurricane is that which arises because we are in physical creation. The pain cause by a devastating war is that caused because of social interaction of human. It is not because we are human that we experience such pain of war. It is because we have elected for one reason or another to participate in a human activity that can cause such pain.

However, for whatever pain we face, it needs to be understood is that as the creator of our experiences, we, at some level of our being have created or elected to participate in the experiences we have. We can blame others for the pain we experience. We can claim that it is being physical. But, as along as we do, we will be giving away our creative power and creative ability to create something different and which better serves us. If we are not going to give away our creative ability and creative power, we must take responsibility for what we have either created or in which we elected to participate.

All we experience we ultimately cause by the choices we make. But the choices we make occur and function at different levels of being. Our beliefs are layered and we are an infinite creative being and as an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation, we have an a nonconscious mind which permeates all of creation. To access how and why we experience the pain we do, we need to go inward and look to make aspects of our nonconscious conscious. For some, making the nonconscious conscious can be frightening. But it is only dealing with and facing our fears and going within will we get to the root of what gives rise to our pain. We can begin this exploration by asking our intuitive guidance, "What lies at the root of the experience I have and what do I need to do and/or being to let of the source of this pain?" We then need to honor the guidance we get. The topic "Exploring our mind" provides a place to start.

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