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A medical intuitive is an individual possessing what most would call a psychic ability to see into the energy aspects of our being as to the origins of the illness and disease we face. In studying psychics as part of the journey of exploration into our inherent creativity and to find an alternative way, it became apparent all psychics perceive differently. They may sense the same energy but they will perceive it differently In many way this is the same problem as discussed in the topic, "Experiencing the Source of Creation and the problem of mind - the trap of mind." That is, our mind interprets what we feel, see and experience based on the past experiences we have had. The beliefs and experiences of the psychic reflects how they interpret what they see. Often one must look behind any interpretation a psychic makes to see the energy flow that is being perceived.

What this means is we cannot always take what a psychic or medical intuitive sees at face value. We must look beyond the interpretation they provide. We need to look to see if we can discern the energy they are sensing and look to what the flow of energy really represents.

Ultimately they all perceive the flow of energy within our being in some way. How they interpret it is based on the filter of their mind. What can be generally said about what they see is when the flow of our creative life energy is blocked, we experience some type and kind of issue with the body. When our creative life energy is free to flow we experience the health we need to have the experience of the intention which gave rise to that flow of energy. Relative to our life and creating health, when we are free to have the experiences we incarnated to have we also have the health to have those experiences.

In pulling the string as to why our the flow of our creative life energy is blocked, we find essentially two things. One is there are experiences we have had that thwarted our creative spirit in some way such that we response to protect that spirit. However, in protecting our creative spirit, we put our creative spirit in a cage of our own making and rob ourselves of our own creative power to create what we desire, including health. To free this energy, we need to look at why we lost our ability to creatively play and face the pain of the pass and develop response patterns that serve us and our creative spirit rather than putting our creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

The other thing is we have adopted, for whatever reason, beliefs and ways of thinking and being that do not allow us to freely explore life and move in a direction that gives us life. That is, for one reason or another, we do not allow ourselves to do the types and kinds of things in life that cause us to feel a fullness of being, a blossoming of our being or an expansion into the infinity of our being. Here the recommendation is to develop a perspective on or about life that allows us to holding our creativity sacred. In holding our creativity sacred, we learn to call back our creative power where we have given it away and learn what allows us to expand and grow our creativity. In doing so, we can access the creative power that we need to create what we desire.

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