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Everything we feel is the result of a flow of energy sensed within our body. Within the energy consciousness understanding, there is an intention giving rise to that flow of energy. By being aware of the flow of energy, we can come to understand the intention behind that flow of energy. If we look deeper, we can come to know the awareness giving rise to the intention.

There is an awareness in what we feel that we can access. In learning how to become open to feeling and learning to discern what we feel to use the awareness in what we feel. However, to become open to what we feel, we need to be able to face the pain of the past as to why we shut down our ability to feel.

Need to be aware of what we feel

If we are aware of a body sensation or feeling, we need to ask ourselves to understand what that feeling represents or is trying to communicate. Here an important point needs to be made about the body and its feelings. For any feeling we have, if we look hard enough, we can probably find some internal or external condition to which we can point as what is giving rise or causing the feeling.

Although we may need to attend to whatever condition we think is causing the feeling, we need to ask ourselves what is the energetic conditions that is giving rise to the feeling we experience. Alternatively said, we need to ask ourselves why did we choose to have the energy we experience in the form of the feeling we have as opposed to any other form?

As we focus on the feeling with the intent to surface this understanding, we will get insights and begin to see the deeper connection of how and what we think and believe is tied to what we actually experience. We will also begin to see how our feelings are passing knowledge and information to us. We can being to learn to access the awareness which lies in feeling. In doing so, we will being to see beyond the physical into the unseen to what gives rise to the physical.

In accessing the awareness in what we feel, we can come to see that the illness we feel may not be our own and/or it may be in reaction to the world we experience.

Need to discern what we feel

Relative to feeling and accessing our creative power, there are two primary feelings we will need to discern and access. One is the feeling the intention for our life. It is what gives us a passion for life and for living. It is what makes us feel alive and gives us an enthusiasm for living life. When aligned with the intention for our life the more energized we are in all that we do. The more we are out of alignment with the intention for our life the more dissatisfaction we experience with life if not depression and/or illness

But opening ourselves up to feelingis very hard to do for two reasons. One reason is pain is painful. To face pain, we need to understand the origins of pain and how to work with what our creative spirit is attempting to communicate to our conscious mind through pain. The second reason is that our inner masculine which is essential to creating a safe and secure space for our inner feminine is most often castrated. It is castrated in the sense that we have been taught to follow the truth of another before we follow our own truth. As such, we become creatively impotent. We copy the lives and works of others. It needs to be restored to health and vitality before we can properly use the creative power that lies within the feminine and within each of us. In this regard, we need to learn our truth and become that truth. The topics, "Becoming our truth - choosing to become the phoenix" provides some thoughts in this area.

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