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The issue we face as a human being is that we are an unfolding creation and part of a larger process. As an unfolding creation, living life is to enter the unknown. Any creative endeavor takes us into the unknown. To create by its very definition is to bring into existence something not previously seen and/or experienced or it is significantly different than the past. Our mind, however, only knows the past and what we have experienced. So it is of little use in guiding us in the unknown. The question is, "How do we go about creating health when our very life takes us into the unknown and we donít know what we are going to face?."

The answer is we need a different method and approach to navigate into, and through, the unknown and to live our life. What this means is that if we follow our mind, we will simply be recreating the past in a different way. If we had good health in the past, it would seem to make sense to continue doing the same. However, life is changing and the environment we face is always changing in some way. We cannot be assured what worked in the past will continue to work in the future. Additionally, if we want to be free of the past to experience something different, we need to learn to somehow step out of mind. But if we are to step out of mind, how can we find our way?

The answer lies in feminine creative power and the feminine aspect of our being and learning to navigate from the heart to access the intention for our life. The feminine aspect of our being is what is nourishing and sustaining our life. By learning to align with the flow of energy that sustains our life we optimize the creative power available to us to create what we desire to create including creating health.

Also what needs to be understood is the intention for our life is what brought us into our current life. It will provide all the health to live and have the experiences we incarnated to have. Aligning with the intention for our life will provide a healing ability to restore health the best it can to live our life purpose. Of course, if we damaged our body beyond its ability to repair, our creative life energy will be unable to fix the condition. However, the our creative spirit can create an alternative way to fulfill the experiences our creative spirit incarnated to experience. Most do not realize how important the intention for our life is to our creative spirit. It can become quite creative in what it can cause to happen to fulfill its reason for being here.

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