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Within the creativity perspective and the relationship of energy consciousness all healing is seen to ultimately come from within the individual. Another may help create the conditions to heal, but the healing itself comes from within. Within this perspective, a healer is simply an individual who create an experience with us such that we experience a healing. They do so by giving us an experience we desire and/or chosen to have for whatever reason we may have. Within this understanding, we need to ask our intuitive guidance, "Why do I have the need for this particular type and kind of experience requiring a healing - why and how did I create this experience?"

Within this perspective, our creative spirit/creative life energy is seen to create the physical experience of a human being by localizing and energizing a human body for the experiences it desires to have. This included creating the condition of health, illness or anything else it experiences. Similarly, fullness of life, fullness of being, inner satisfaction and the like come from within and are not dependent on what is happening in our external world. Hence, in some way and manner, this creative spirit/creative life energy is what is determining our health. Additionally, creation/Creation is not done alone. We need another to give us the experiences we desire to have. That other may be another individual or simply the Creation we experience before us like the experience of watching a sun set. But it is our desire which creates the conditions for this "other" to appear in our life to give us our desired experience.

The key to healing and health is the inner dance. It is the inner dance between our inner masculine and inner feminine. Within that dance is the creative power to create what we desire. What is important about this inner dance is that if the inner masculine cannot properly excite the inner feminine or the inner feminine cannot properly excite the inner masculine, we will look externally for what is not being fulfilled internally. However, when that occurs, we rob ourselves of our ability to create. That is, we are looking externally for what we ourselves must provide internally and will never find externally what we seek. Most never properly develop the inner masculine and inner feminine. We end up looking externally for what seems to be missing and then become puzzled as to why we cannot create what we desire. The issue is quite simply they are looking in the wrong direction.

When we achieve this inner dance and allow our inner masculine and inner feminine to move to maturity we are supplied with the energy and passion to live the life we incarnated to live. This includes all the energy necessary to create the health we need to live that life. The experience the external world provides which appear to cause us to heal are simply the external conditions reflecting the changes in our internal world. If we do not make all the necessary changes in the internal world, some type and kind of unhealthy condition will reappear.

Creating Health is ultimately about coming to learn to follow our our truth with the assistance of an outside healer and to take responsibility for what we ourselves have created. Analogously, it is like the old Arab Proverb, "Trust in God but tether your camel." That is there are things God or a healer can do for us but there are things we are also responsible for doing. A healer can give us the lessons learned and wisdom of a vast number of individuals concerning our condition or similar and related conditions. Yet, what works for one or many may not necessarily work for us. A "healer" may helps us but, ultimately, healing comes from within. In this regard, we need to take responsibility for our own health as the creator of our experiences and allows effectiveness to be our measure of truth. We need to make the internal changes that will give us the external experience which we consider a health experience.

For whatever condition we find ourselves, we can go to our intuitive guidance and ask, "What do I need to do, how do I need to live my life to create a healthy life?" We then need to honor the guidance we get realizing we will be moving one step at a time to create that way of living and being in the world which gives us health.

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