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Within the creativity perspective, we are seen as the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality of those experiences. Providing an explanation as to how it is possible that we go about doing this is the essence of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity. As the creator, there is a conscious or nonconscious reason held by us as to why we are having the experience we have. At some level of our being we have either elected to create the experience or we have agreed to participate in the experience for one reason or another. Creating health is about pulling the string on questions related to why we would chose knowingly or unknowingly to have the experience which we call unhealthy.

The following questions can be used to begin to explore why we have created an experience which we call unhealthy or a lack of health. Do not necessarily accept the first answer you receive. Pull the string on any answer as to why that answer we receive as opposed to any other. Go as deeply as possible. The goal is to move pass the response of the conscious mind to see what if any underlying nonconscious issues, beliefs or ways of thinking are contributing to the condition we face.

This list of questions by any standard is not complete. It is only a starting point. Consideration should also be given to the fact our illness or unhealthiness may be a means to have certain types and kinds of experiences. Also, the "Seven Chakra Questionnaire for Rituals" can also be used to help focus on specific aspects or areas of our being.


As a creator, we knowingly or unknowingly created the condition we experience. We need to ask ourselves, "If I am such a powerful creator, why did I create the unhealthy condition I am now experiencing?" Pull the string on any answer received.

Often we assume others in our life know better than us what we need to do as to how to approach life and/or what to do in life. Consider the question: "Have I accepted or embraced some belief, way of being or advice of another that has lead me to the condition I now experience?. Pull the string on any answer received.

Often illness is the justification we have from not doing something others demand of us and/or for withdrawing from a situation. We need to ask ourselves, "What do I have to gain from creating such a condition?" Pull the string on any answer received.

Many times the way we are choosing to live life creates unhealthy conditions. We need to ask ourselves, " What is this condition I face telling me about my life and how I am choosing to live life? Pull the string on any answer received.

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