All healers are not created equally

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When we use the word healer, we need to become clear in our own mind to what we are referring. According to the dictionary, a healer is one who or that which heals. It is also seen as one who heals through prayer or faith. The question is, "From where does healing arises?"

Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness relationship all healing is seen to ultimately come from within the individual. Another may help create the conditions to heal, but the healing itself comes from within. Within this perspective, our creative spirit/creative life energy is seen to create the physical experience as a human being by localizing and energizing a human body for the experiences it desires to have. This included creating the condition of health, illness or anything else it experiences. Hence, in some way and manner, this creative spirit/creative life energy is what is determining our health. Additionally, creation/Creation is not done alone. We need another to give us the experiences we desire to have. That other may be another individual or simply the Creation we experience before us like the experience of watching a sun set.

Within this perspective, a healer is an individual who creates an experience with us such that we experience a healing. Relative to creating an experience for us, what the healer does for us can be seen as lying on a spectrum. At one end the healer who helps us create the experience of healing is irrelevant. It could be anybody or anything. Since we are all unique, at the other end of the spectrum is the individual who we call a healer may be the unique individual we need to have to give us the particular type and kind of unique experience we desire. In this situation, it can be said we would not have the experience of healing if it were not for this particular healer. Yet, this is not really true. Ultimately, we, because of how we create our experiences by how and why we think and believe, have asked for an experience by this particular individual. For whatever reason, the choice is ours.

When it comes to a particular condition we experience and we think or feel we need to heal in some way, the question ultimately is, "Why did we create the particular condition we face?" As discussed in the topic "Six types of accidents, illness and disease we can create - a creativity perspective" provides some thoughts as to why we may have the condition we face. If we look carefully, we can see that some of the conditions can be readily healed once we have the experience we desire to have or correct the condition giving rise to the illness. Failing to finance health because of how we have over extended ourselves in our life an example. Once we withdrawal from life in some way to redirect our creative life energy, we heal. Other conditions may persist for a long time depending on why we may have thought or felt it necessary to create them and/or created them as a result of how we were programmed or enculturated to live our life.

In any case, the role of the healer is really to either give us the experience we desire or the experience we think we need to have and/or help us to access the change in perspective in some way such that we create a condition which we would call a healing. It is here the power of a placebo or ritual can be understood. If we think we need to take a pill to heal or perform some action as in a ritual to heal, then taking the pill or performing the ritual will heal us. We think it is the pill or the ritual when in reality it is only a result of how and what we think and believe. This category of healing would also included healing that are characterized as faith healing and/or a result of prayer.

When it comes to a healer, the question is, "What is it that is really giving rise to our condition requiring healing?" For example, if we are strongly tied to the human collective and our social collective there are illness and diseases we have because those strong ties. Any socially "approved’ healing will probably give us an experience where we heal. If however, we create conditions in our body because of how we deny a spiritual aspect of our being, any healer focusing on the body will probably be unable to create the conditions for us to heal. However, if we go to an individual who deals with spiritually related issues, we may find we have a miraculous healing of the body. The issue here is from where does our condition requiring healing arise and does the individual we visit for healing give us the type and kind of experience such that we allow ourselves to heal. Here is where the concept of "all healers are not created equally" applies.

It can be said there are three classes of healers. There are those individuals who are trained and follow a specific approach to healing. Any profession which requires certification falls into this category. You can go to any member of the profession and receive essentially the same type and kind of treatment. That is what the certification means. There are treatment plans, protocols and the like that are expected to be followed. These healers tend to work with the knows rules of Physical Creation and the know rules of society relative to healing. For conditions that arise from what we think and believe about ourselves, what it means to be a human being, and how we must stay in the rules of Physical Creation and/or the rules of society, these kind of healers will be quite effective. Who the healer is becomes less important. They are there to gives us the experience we think we need to have because of how we have bought into what it means to be human in the society in which we find ourselves.

The second category of healers are those who work outside the rules of Physical Creation and the rules of society or they work with aspects of the rules of Physical Creation of which most are unaware. These individuals have a conscious or nonconscious understanding of aspects of Creation that seem to go beyond what many find logical or understandable. Often these individual are seen as faith healers, magicians, shamans, and other descriptive terms that describe what they do as outside of the logic of what mind knows and understand. However, in time, their techniques and abilities are revealed as the rules of Creation become more widely known.

This second category of healers has two types. One type are those who work within a set of rule giving rise to certain types and kinds of techniques, practices and the like although there are not necessarily certifications as such. Shamans, other types and kinds of indigenous healers, psychic healers, spiritual healers, alternative medicine practices and the like tend to fall into this category.

The second type in this second category are a little more rare and they work with the unique conditions of the individual. Although we exist in a shared creation as human being, we each are still a world unto ourselves. This second type of healer in this second category is able to work with the unique world of the individual. Individuals who can function as rainmaker as described in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material would be such an individual. These individual may belong to a specific profession but are not limited by their profession but rather use a unique and uncanny way of working with the uniqueness of the individual. Here the healer tailors what they do to the uniqueness of the individual.

The third category of healers are those who lie somewhere between these two extremes. That is, they are certified within an established profession and in the first category but what they do in any given situation involves a mixture of the first and second categories.

When we go to a healer of any type we have an expectation of being healed. But we need to realize that unless we are going to be treated under a specific certified profession our treatment may vary and we may not get the healing for which we hope to obtain. We need to be open to the fact that what we may be asking any one particular healer to do may not be in the realm of information they possess. The fact they may not know all one would need to know about our particular problem to help us create what we desire, does not make them a good or bad healer. They just don’t possess what we need. We can go to any healer with the expectation of being healed, but we also need to understand they may not be the healer who will give us the experience we desire to have.

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