Creating Health

Creating Health is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What is it

Creating health captures the lessons learned and observations regarding creating conditions of health and well being revealed in a journey of exploration into the nature of our inherent creativity. What is provided here is in no way a definitive statement on creating health nor is it an alternative to traditional allopathic and homeopathic healing modalities. Rather it only some of the lessons learned observed from a creativity perspective relative to creating health based on what it means to creative which can be used as a supplement and complement to existing approaches.

What is important about what is provided here is that it addresses the issue of health relative to creating. That is, to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced or significantly different from the past. Creating health is different than "making" health and/or healing an unhealthy condition.

To heal a condition is seen as reversing or changing the conditions to allow healing to manifest. Creating health is about stepping into the unknown. Most views of "creating" health are not really about creating health. Rather most views are about restoring health from a deteriorated condition characterized as an illness, disease or recovery from an accident of some type. Or, it is seen as fixing, restoring, repairing or mending something that is broke or no longer functioning appropriately. If the condition we have arises from know causes it is rather straight forwards as to what needs to be done. If our unhealthy condition arise from an unknown cause, what is known by mind will not be useful in addressing its cause. If it was useful, it would know the remedy for the situation we face.

Relative to healing, often we think we know the cause of our unhealthy condition. We, or the healer we seek, then goes about trying to use all that is known about what we, or they, think is the cause. If the unhealthy condition goes away, we say we have been healed. If the unhealthy conditions persists, we outrun what mind knows and enter the unknown and the realm of creation. However, often what we think heals is not what heals. Placebos are an example of where something used as if had healing power but which has no known healing power becomes the occasion for healing to occur. So the question is, "What is really causing the healing?"

Creating health implies something different than treating an unhealthy condition. It is about creating a way of being such that what we call health is the natural byproduct of that way of being. Creating health may include all the traditions ways we would undergo treatment or it could be something completely different. What is action done depends on the individual and the condition they face.

In looking at what it means to create, Creating Health provides insights as to why many find it difficult to create health. It also addresses the fact that some health related issues may actually be what serves us. That is, the health issue allows us to have particular types and kinds of experiences that we could otherwise not have. The discussion, "Six types of accident, illness and disease we can create - a creativity perspective," provides some insight as to the different ways it has been observed that individuals have used and/or experienced illness in their lives.

Creating Health does provides a view of health consistent with the Alternative View and the Alternative Way to view and experience Creation. In this regard, it does provided an alternative way to what we describe as health. This alternative way to view health is discussed in the topics, "The healing perspective as compared to the creativity perspective on healing" and "The creativity perspective on health and related issues."

Caution and disclaimer

Although Creating Health provides both an alternative view of health and an alternative way to approach health issues, it is not contrary to any given medical approach. Rather it is a supplement in which we learn how to use the truth of our own being with any approach we choose to take. Creation is not done alone and we need another or others to have the experiences we desire to have, including creating health. So it can be fully expected that in using what is discussed here, you will still need to pursue the traditional or usual approach to healing that you would use.

Creating Health is to come to learn to follow our own truth with the assistance of an outside healer and to take responsibility for what we ourselves have created. Analogously, it is like the old Arab Proverb, "Trust in God but tether your camel." That is there are things God or a healer can do for us but there are things we are also responsible for doing. A healer can give us the lessons learned and wisdom of a vast number of individuals concerning our condition or similar and related conditions. Yet, what works for one or many may not necessarily work for us. A "healer" may helps us but, ultimately, healing comes from within. In this regard, we need to take responsibility for our own health as the creator of our experiences and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth.

Creating Health is not a medically related web site and does not provide medical advice. Nor does it address medical related health issues. It is about our inherent creativity and how we create our experiences. It addresses an overall understanding of how we create our experiences as a creative being of which the experience we call health is only one type and kind of experience we can create. Acting on, and using, what is discussed in Creating Health should not replace any ongoing medical treatment or forego any treatment, tradition or alternative, based on what is presented here.

Additionally, for reasons that are discussed in the topic "Growing your condition of health," what is provided in creating health should not be used separate from, or in lieu of, any normal way we would go about attempting to achieve health. It should be used as a complement to our existing approach. Then, if what is discussed is effective in our life, evolve our approach to create health according to our unique needs.

What is presented here is about how we create and what has been learned about how we create applied to creating health. The key is if we are willing to take responsibility for our hearth. A "healer" may helps us but healing ultimately come from within. We each need to give permission to our creative spirit to come out of the cage of our own making to create an experience of health..


What is provided here is not a step by step approach to creating health. Rather it is a collection of discussions and observations for consideration. What is provided here are the observations and experience of others as to how our inherent creativity is, or is not, consciously brought to bare in creating what we desire to experience.

Some key issues relative to creating health.

The most important thing about creating is that to create is to enter the unknown. It is to bring into existence something we have not previously experienced. It is a realm where mind is of little value. Most do not desire to create health. Most look to relieve or fix a condition in their life which is judged to be unhealthy and to experience a condition judged as healthy. They seek to fix what has become broke. Consideration is not often given to the possibility that nothing is broke. Rather was are just not using our creative ability and creative power in a way that really serves us.

From a creativity perspective, the condition of our body and the experience we have in that body which we call health or an experience of health is an experience of Physical Creation no different than any other experience of creation. The difference is how we have labeled that experience and whether or not we find it pleasurable or painful and desire to experience it, or not experience it, again. In this regard, no matter what we experience, we, at some level of our being, have either created that experience or have agreed to participate in that experience for one reason or another.

Creating health within this view is about coming to understand why we would choose to create such an experience and then choose to do the necessary work to create something different. What is done for creating health is really no different in overall approach than what we would do to create any experience. The only difference is the experience is more focused in our body and the physical condition of our body. This, in turn, brings up the issue of understanding there is mind body connection and what exactly that mind body connection looks like to be able to use it. The topic, "The mind body connection" provides some thought about how this connection functions and to being to consciously use it in our life.

When it comes to creating health, there is one of two situations we face and our approach should be somewhat different for each. The first situation is creating health where a healthy condition has not previously been experienced. This is, for one reason or another, we never experienced what is called a healthy condition in some part of our being. A birth defect, an early childhood injury or illness, and the like fall into this category. Or, it could be as simply has having less than normal eyesight but never have a pair of corrective lens to allows to see what is considered normal. The second situation is were we experienced what is called health but we now experience one or more unhealthy conditions. That is, we get sick, experience an illness or disease or have an accident of some type injuring the body.

In the first case, our mind has never experienced what is called health in some aspect of our being. Here we are truly creating. In the second case, our mind has had an experience of what we call health Here our mind has some idea as to what it desires to experience. The issue we face in the second situation is that we look to fix what is broken to restore our body to a healthy condition. However, we fail to realize how we may have created the unhealthy conditions. We may think we know what caused our condition but what we think may not be the actually cause. What we think is the cause may only be the point of expression of some deep issue which has not yet fully revealed itself.

In many ways we take a simple view of health much like a broken bone. We fall and break a bone. We see the cause of our injury as the fall. The doctor ensure the bones are properly aligned and then we restrain how we use the bone until it heals. The occasion for the broken bone my be the fall but the cause may be that we are very careless in our life or we have some type and kind of balance problem that has not yet fully revealed itself.

We take a similar approach with other conditions of the body. We look for the cause of our body degrading such as the invasion by a pathogen, a body part failing to function, we strain ourselves in some way, and the like. An attempt is made to remove the cause or fix what is broken and then allow the body to heal. However, what is not necessarily considered is that our way of being in the world and how we think and believe and how to respond to the world may be the cause of our illness. Or, there are deeper issues of which what we seen as an unhealthy condition is analogously only the "weak link in the chain" so to speak. In continuing the analogy, we fix the broken link but the chain continues to break because it is being asked to do something for which it has not been designed to do. That is, the chain is not breaking because of a weak link. Rather, the all of links are eventually going to break because the chain is stressed past its design limit and the design limit of each link. All the links in the chain do not snap at once only because of the slight variability of each link.

For example, in may cases, being sick is the only excuse some individuals have for not going to work, going to school or otherwise not performing in a way that meets the expectation of others. It may be we are continually getting sick with different types and kinds of illness because we are not designed to live the life we are being asked to live. The topic, "Some personal questions relative to health" can be used as a starting point to explore this aspect of creating health.

We need to understand, there may be many opinions as to what one should do for any condition we face. However, if what we face is something we have no previously experience and our mind will be of limited value in knowing what to do. We can listen and take the advice of others, but in the end, we need to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. But, there is a note of caution that needs to be made here. The fact that something appears to be effective and relieves any condition we face, it may not be what is effective. For example the placebo can appear to be effective but it is not necessarily what is providing the relief from the condition we face.. We need to be willing to delved a little deeper to look to see if there is not something else that lies deeper which needs to be addressed. One basic recommend that is made is to always ask ourselves, "From where does this experience arise?" then pull the string on any answer that comes to us.

Considerations in creating health

The following discussion topics provide some thoughts and considerations as to how and why we create the what we would call healthy or unhealthy experiences. The recommendation is to read what you feel lead to read. But, as a minimum, go within and ask your intuitive guidance, "What do I need to do, how do I need to live my life to create the health that I seek?" Then follow the intuitive guidance that you receive realizing you may need to iterate the process taking step at a time.

Our creativity: Key to creating anything in life is our inherent creativity and our creative ability and creative power. If we rob ourselves of our creative power or give our creative power away, we will not have the creative power to create what we desire including a condition of health. The topic, "Where are we not holding our creativity sacred" provides some considerations to review in this area.

What is health: A question we seldom asked is, "What does it mean for me to be healthy?" The topic "What is health" offers some considerations in this area and how one might approach creating health..

The uniqueness of the individual: We each are unique. Everyone is unique. We each have a different response to any therapy. Many techniques are based on a normal distribution and there is a range and variation in the response. The question is how does our uniqueness play a role in creating health. The topic, "The uniqueness of the individual and health" discusses some of the considerations in this area.

All body experiences are not from the same cause: We live in a cause effect  world. However, some body experiences which appear to be the same are not from the same cause. Unless we pull the string as to the true cause of what we experience, we will not get to the root cause of any experience we have including the cause of our lack of health. The topic "All body experiences are not from the same cause" provides some considerations and suggested actions related to the experiences we have.

A question about the mind body connection: If there is a mind body connection as many individuals believe, two question we face is, "Where do the effects of our thoughts end and Creation itself take over as to what we experience?" and "How does what we think and believe about a mind body connection affect our health?" The topic, "A question about the mind body connection" provides some thoughts as to answering these questions.

Consideration of different types and kinds of illness: The topics, "Six types of accident, illness and disease we can create - a creativity perspective" introduces the concept there are different types and kinds of illness. For any unhealthy condition we experience and how that unhealthy condition causes us to live life, we may want to consult our intuitive guidance as what type and kind of illness we are experiencing. Knowing the type and kind of illness will not necessary make what we experience any less difficult, but it can determine the approach we take with both the illness and with our life as to how best utilize the experience. Within the creativity perspective the issue with a particular condition may not be to heal it or cure it but to experience it. It may be the vehicle for something we can gain in no other way.

The experience we think we need to have: There are three kinds of experiences we can have. There are those that we think we need to have, those that are just part of having a physical experience as a human and those we need to have to obtain a certain experience. The topic, "The experience we think we need to have" addresses the fact that there are many experiences we have only because of what we have come to think and believe about Creation and our role in Creation.

All healers are not created equally: All healers are not created equally. Some know more than others on any given topic and may know nothing about any other. What we may be asking any one particular healer to do what may not be in the realm of information they possess. The topic, "All healers are not created equally" provides some thoughts as to how to find the healer that could be the most beneficial to us and what we need to experience.

All healing ultimately comes from within: Healing ultimately comes from within. The question is "How do we create the inner conditions that get reflected into an outward experience of health." The topic, "All healing ultimately comes from within" provides some insights into this area.

The awareness within feeling: There is an awareness in what we feel. Creating health, in part, is about learning how to become open to feeling and learning to discern what we feel to use the awareness in what we feel. The topic, "Learning to access the awareness in what we feel " provides a starting point to being to use this awareness to create health.

Medical intuitives - what they see what it means: A medical intuitive is an individual possessing what most would call a psychic ability to see into the energy aspects of our being as to the origins of the illness and diseases we face. The topic, "Medical intuitives - what they see and what it means" provides some thoughts as to what can be learned from what they see and how to apply that understanding to creating health.

Creation is not done alone: Probably one of the more profound in insights from the creativity perspective is that creation/Creation is not done alone. We, as any other, need another or other to have the experiences we desire to have. Often we play a role for another. As discussed in the topic, "Playing a role for another," far fetched as it may sound, our illness may be only to give the healer the identity they seek and the experience they desire to have.

Buying into the collective: We are here to have a physical experience as a human being. Part of being human is to "buy into" or embrace what the human collective thinks and believes. As discussed in the topic, "Buying into the human collective" many experiences we have are simply the result of what it means to be human.

Need to understanding pain: There is a gift in pain if we learn to understand pain and the origins of pain. There is an awareness in what we feel whether what we feel is pleasurable or painful. In learning to look to the awareness which lies in pain we access the gift in pain. In doing so, we can use the pain to help us create a life which better serves us. The topic "Pain" provides access to several discussions on pain.

Need to discern the origins of our pain: All the pains we have and all the feelings we have are not the same. There are differences in every pain and feeling we experience. Yet whatever pain we feel arises from a flow of energy. In learning to discern the subtle differences in what we feel and look to see what is occurring in our life when we have the feeling/pain that we have, we can being to see the origins of our pain. We only need to learn to follow the flow of energy giving rise to the pain we face back to its origins as one would follow stream up stream to its source. The topic, "Need to discern the origins of our pain" provides some thoughts and considerations in this area.

The issue we face in living life and creating health: The issue we face as a human being and as an unfolding creation is that living life is to enter the unknown. Any creative endeavor takes us into the unknown. To create by its very definition is to bring into existence something not previously seen and/or experienced or it is significantly different than the past. Our mind, however, only knows the past and what we have experienced. So it is of little use in guiding us in the unknown. The question is, "How do we go about creating health when our very life takes us into the unknown." the topic, "The issue we face in living life and creating health" provides way to address this issue.

Setting the intention to create health

The main issue in setting the intention to create health is we need to face what we think health is. When we set an intention and hold that intention as a single point focus within our being so as to never lose focus, we will be lead to the experiences to create what we desire. However, what we hold may not be what we really want nor is it in alignment with the intention for our life

Trying to set such an intention based on what mind wants will never achieve what we desire. We need to remember, mind is the product of the experiences we have and what we think and believe. As our experiences change and/or we change what we think and believe our mind become different. Unless what we seek lies below the mind and its ever changing desires, we will simply divert our attention and awareness away from what we set out to experience.

It needs to be understood, the intention for our life is what brought us into this world and supplies the energy to have the experiences we incarnated to have. In seeking to align with that intention we will have all the health we need to achieve what we incarnated to do. Unfortunately for some, for reasons discussed in the topics, "Elected Illness," accident, illness, disease and the like may be part of the experiences we need to have. It is here the healers can be of great asset in understand their may main purpose may be to help make whatever is faced a little easier and gentler rather than providing a cure for what is occurring. Sometime it is the experience we need to have. Alleviating the condition may be more appropriate and curing the condition is not really what needs to be done.

It needs to be remember we each are a unique aspect of the infinite consciousness within, or behind, Creation and our inner world is reflected in the outer. What we access within will change that which we experience without. If we change our consciousness within, we will change the external world we experience. How our external experience changes and how the external world changes depends on what we access. We each have different reason for being here. We can copy and mimic any aspect of Creation. We are here to be true to our truth and fulfill the intention for our life. There are gifts we incarnated to give. If we live our truth, they will not be revealed and we will have all the health, and illness, we need to fulfill that intention.

The challenge in creating health

The challenge in is that we may have to recreate our life and live life differently that how we have been enculturated to live life. To recreate our life, we will have to face the sacrifice of creation inherent in the creative process. This in turn, will cause us to face death in some way. Some aspect of our inner and outer world will need to die so as to be transformed to create a world where we can have experiences which we consider as healthy. If we hold onto what must die and past from our life we will create unnecessary pain and/or thwart what we desire to create.

A gentle phoenix for creating health

What has reveal in the journey of the exploration of our creativity is that it is possible to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we undertake. In this regard, we can create a gentle phoenix to create health.

To create that gentle phoenix we need to be willing to become the embodiment of the principles as to how  our inner world is reflected in the outer world. We need to see how what we think and believe is creating the experiences we have. We need to give ourselves permission and the safe and secure space within our own being to enter our creative imagination  and explore options and the reason as to why we created the condition which we experience as unhealthy. If we do not have the freedom within our own being to explore options, we will never find the freedom in our external world to do what we need to do to create that gentle phoenix. We need to look to see where we do and do not hold our creativity sacred.

If you are interested in creating health

The recommendation is to realize several things. One is to realize that you are a unique creation. There is a reason for you being here and there are experiences you incarnated to have. How and what you need to do to create anything is unique to you including conditions of health.

The second thing is that your mind only knows the past. To create anything is to be outside of where mind has gone so mind will be unable to lead you. What you need to do will not necessarily look like anything your mind thinks. Nor what you will ultimately experience necessarily look like what you think it should look like. Only in hindsight will you see how your desire has manifested. You can follow the advice of any healer or of any other but you will need to discern what you feel and pursue the path that allows you to feel the fullness of life within your being. In feeling the fullness of life within your being, that energy will enthuse your entire body creating the conditions necessary to experience health.

With these realizations, it is then recommend that you set an intention in whatever way you feel appropriate such that you can feel the passion to experience what you desire. Then, trust the creative process that you will be given what you seek. You only need to follow the intuitive guidance and body wisdom which arise. How long it will take to get what we seek and in what form it will come cannot be known by our mind. In this regard, whether or not we would recognized what we seek when we get it for the time and place in which we find ourselves when we get it is another question. What may be the optimum health for you to experience what your whole being desires to experience may not be what the medical community would define as health.

Item for consideration

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